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  Motivation to Get You Moving

by Randy Gage

Here's your challenge:

"Attack every day with a ferocious desire to end it a better person than you were when you got up. Create the mindset to live life more fully than you have in the past. Decide right now that simply because the herd settles for mediocrity, appeasement, and existence, you will challenge your self to do, have, and become more.

"Set aside 30 minutes each morning for personal growth time and make this a sacred practice.

Don't make excuses about how early you work, the kids you have to get ready for school, the dog you have to walk, the breakfast you have to prepare, or the person you are a caretaker for.

"These things simply make this selfish personal development time all the more imperative. Start each day doing something that nurtures your mind, body or soul. Or all three.

"Then go forth in each day and seek out challenge, evolution, and exploration. Make a difference to those around you, but most importantly, make a difference for yourself!"

If you're going through a tough transition and don't want to go it alone, Lifelines to Laughlines might be the program you've been looking for.

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